I would recommend Bradley Mechanical to anyone for any of their AC/Heating needs. I have had wonderful experience with them every time that I have used them. They are professional, courteous, prompt, and reasonable

Erica Griffith.

Dear Bradley Mechanical,

I'm writing to let you know how please I am with the installation of our air conditioning system you completed this week at our house. The four man team worked quickly and completed the job in one day. They worked well together - like a team of surgeons performing a complex operation. The job presented several unique problems, each of which was dealt with, with ease. The existing line-set was entrapped by vines and roots, but they extricated it without damaging any of our plants. The new line-set had to be routed through a very tight crawl space under the roof, but somehow someone got up there and figured out how to get it done. I'm glad they did not follow my suggested routing for the line-set because it would have blocked access to the cable/telephone boxes. Instead, they found a better route that blocks nothing, and their workmanship was excellent.

Thank you.
Richard A.

With this summer heat, some of you now or later need air conditioning repairmen. We have recently used, as has our daughter, Todd with Bradley Mechanical. We found him to be EXCELLENT, DEPENDABLE, HONEST, and VERY REASONABLE. As an example, we had one A/C serviceman out who took well over an hour and many telephone calls to help finally diagnose that we needed a new A/C system. We called Todd at Bradley Mechanical, who on the telephone within 30 seconds of describing our problem, diagnosed the problem which was a $30 part. Yes, he does sell complete air conditioning and heating systems, but only if needed. Our daughter's experience with him 2 years ago was also similar.

Marie D.

Mr. Paul Jansen below is our testimonial. I cannot express how true it is and how happy we are to now have all of you at Bradley Mechanical in our lives and in our home. So thank you and all your employees. Best success . . .

We have central air conditioning and heating. We have a 3-ton unit outside that is basically the "central hub" for this house when it comes to getting the house cool during the summer or warming the house up during the winter. Our homeowners insurance tried to send us two different people/"so-calied businesses" (who were not companies at all, were both located more than an hour or more away from our house, and had awful reviews) to our house. We do our homework per say and background checks when it comes to businesses. We declined both "so-called businesses" and suggested to our home owner's insurance company that we would like the same great company that had come out a few years back to our house called Brownies. We had a broken heating way back then. Turned out Brownies was no longer around and we were very saddened. Our home owner's insurance said they had a great company, close by us (10-15 minutes away) who had great reviews, reputation, and experience; Bradley Mechanical. We were happy with the choice. After talking with personnel at Bradley Mechanical to set up an appointment, the company I had always wondered about in the past, Brownies A.C. Heating, was somehow brought up in our conversation. Turns out Brownies did not go away, but merely became Bradley Mechanical. You have no idea how excited my family and l were. All the same great employees came over to Bradley Mechanical and the tech that came to our house most recently, David, is the very same tech that came to our house a few years back and replaced our "Hamster Wheel." We were very happy to see a familiar face because we knew he is a true professional, explained everything he was doing, very knowledgeable, very patient with us when we had questions, and did not rush his work when he was looking over EVERYTHING. With all the wires, gadgets, vents, and electricity running through the AC/heating unit, it was a good reminder from our tech (David), not to attempt to fix or touch anything ourselves because of the dangers that can be involved. I can honestly say there are people i know that try to "fix" electrical problems themselves (including myself), but it is a good reminder to always let a professionals do what they do best when it comes to fixing air conditioners and heaters. Our tech was right on time...on the dot! Very professional, had the company name on his vehicle which made it easy to identify, he had a company shirt on which also made him identifiable when he came to the door. I would highly recommend this company and I would recommend all techs that are sent to you from Bradley Mechanical. These days it is hard to find those good old USA companies whose employees have such passion for the work they do and come with years of the right experience. You cannot find that anymore, but with Bradley Mechanical you can! lam happy, my family is happy, and most of all our house is happy.

Lauren P.

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