In the summer season, air conditioning units see a spike of both usage and required maintenance. The flux of employees working from home has also had a major impact on how busy air conditioning companies are. That’s why it’s a great time to get troubleshooting out of the way, schedule an inspection, or replace the unit if necessary.


What are signs my unit needs to be repaired?


If the temperature settings are not congruent with the thermostat, there’s likely an internal issue. This could be the air condenser being clogged, a capacitor issue,  or the compressor itself. Either way, contacting a professional for consultation is the apt decision.


Contacting a professional early will avoid further damage to the system, potentially requiring replacement down the road.


When should I get my unit inspected?


Spring season is far less busy generally than the summer, since not as many homes need the service right away. Also, most homeowners may not have identified if their AC unit is even having an issue yet, which is why it’s best to schedule before it gets too hot for comfort.


Give us a call, and we’ll see to it that you have a comfortable summer working from home, and avoid any future issues with your system to beat the heat.