Orange County’s hot summers are just around the corner. You’ve probably been experiencing some of the recent heat waves that have come and gone. Unfortunately, we should be expecting some heavy heatwaves this summer. Here are some tips to properly prepare your AC unit to operate through those times, ensuring not a day goes by without optimal comfort in your home.


Have I cleaned my AC unit recently?


Cleaning the unit will be a major step that the average homeowner will commonly overlook. Keeping the unit clean elevates the level of efficiency the unit runs at and gives it a much higher chance of avoiding damage later on.


Which AC unit repairs are most common?


AC units will rarely just fully break down. For the most part, they’ll run for a substantial amount of time without being addressed. This will result in poor airflow throughout your home, give you a lower air quality, and cause hot days to feel even hotter.


Air filter damage/ dirt build up- Dirt often builds up in the air filter portion of the unit. Take some time to deep clean your filter before assessing further damage to the unit.


Coil clogging and damage – The coil piece of your AC unit will play a major factor into how your AC unit is running. Dirty coils are easy to spot, which also have simple fixes. Often enough, following a thorough cleaning, you’ll find your AC unit running up to scratch once again. However, if you complete a deep clean of the unit and are still having issues, there could be deeper damage that isn’t as easy to spot.


For questions on how to proceed and what to do next with your AC unit, give us a call today. We’ll assess your unit on site and give you the best course of action moving forward. We’re looking forward to summer, and you should too with an optimally functioning AC unit!