Your heater running properly is absolutely essential to have a comfortable home. However, it’ll quickly get frustrating and expensive to deal with a faulty heating unit when it isn’t running properly. Here are some cost-effective, simply-applied tips to get your heating system back up and running like new.


Why Did My Heater Stop Working?


Heat Isn’t Coming on Properly

If you’ve adjusted your thermostat and see that the room’s temperature isn’t adjusting, there could be a linkage problem with your thermostat. Modern day thermostats with advanced systems allow you to digitally plan out temperatures for your whole day.


Although, you will eventually need to do some repairs and have it fixed. If you’ve deduced that your thermostat isn’t having issues and your heat still isn’t working, there’s probably some kind of minor damage to the heating unit.

Lack of Maintenance and Repair for Your Heater

More often than not, repair isn’t necessary. Simply cleaning your unit and keeping it up to date will be plenty for most households. Your filters are recommended to be cleaned every six months or so, but it never hurts to take a look at them and see how it’s doing. Blowers will also have this happen periodically and need to be addressed.


Furnace Failure or Duct Damage


For the most part, you’ll be able to clean these parts of the heater yourself. Identifying them is the major factor that keeps your heat from running properly. Although in some cases, there are more major repairs that are necessary. The ductwork of your home or complete furnace failure are factors that could pop up as major. In either instance, give us a call to assess the damages you’ve sustained in your unit. We ensure that every unit we inspect stays up to code with our 25-point inspection, giving you the best results available for your heating and air conditioning needs.