An air conditioner not working depends primarily on the cleanliness of the unit. Additionally, there can be some internal damage or weaknesses. Here are some tips to identify these issues early and avoid a hot summer day with no cool air.


Why’s My Air Conditioner Not Working?


Debris buildup

If your unit doesn’t have strong airflow, it’s going to clog and overheat. Especially in cooler settings, you’re going to need to be mindful of how any dirt and grime have started lowering its efficiency. Also, don’t clean the unit aggressively either. This only makes the unit more prone to damage. Take it slow, be careful and attentive to give your unit the best chance of running properly.

Internal Leaks

Leaks are frustrating to deal with as they can cause water damage as well to the surrounding area. Avoid this early. Make sure you stay on top of your leaks as soon as they pop up in the system.


Blocked Air Filters

Air filters are going to make or break your unit’s efficiency. With poor filtration, you’re going to constantly be too hot or too cold. The unit will never work just right without strong filters. Similar to debris, look out for any moisture buildup or debris clogging the filters. Chances are you’ll catch most of them simply cleaning the unit out.


My AC Unit Is Running, But the House Is Still Hot

When your house just won’t cool down, it can be pretty frustrating. Additionally, it’s not something you want to deal with on a hot summer day. Not to worry! Let the professionals handle your situation for you with prompt service.


Give us a call today to assess your property and root out the issues with your AC unit. We’ll quickly get it running again and bring your house to a perfect temperature control lock. We’re looking forward to speaking with you!