We were in a bind with our AC unit, left hanging by another HVAC company in a 101 degree heat wave. We were referred to Bradley Mechanical by a good friend. I called and spoke to Stephanie, she was friendly, happy and so nice. I was then forwarded to Paul who I discussed our problem with. Paul was knowledgeable and very helpful. Based on the information I gave to him over the phone, he was able to give me a ballpark quote on the repair. A few days later, Rocco came out. He was here early, and completed our repair quickly and efficiently. We had no AC for 2 weeks in scorching heat, and thanks to Rocco & Bradley Mechanical, we now have cold air!! Bradley Mechanical is honest and reliable. And, they charged us 1/2 the price we were quoted by another HVAC company for the same exact service. Thank you to everyone at Bradley Mechanical, we greatly appreciate your honesty and service.