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Bradley Mechanical in Fountain Valley, California engineers and installs top quality cooling tower systems at competitive prices for businesses and industrial clients throughout Orange County since 1998. And following installation, these clients have relied upon our expert technicians to maintain these systems and keep them running optimally.

Our highly trained HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) technicians can perform affordable, high quality maintenance and repair services on all types and models of commercial and industrial cooling towers, and have successfully maintained these systems for countless businesses and industrial clients throughout our Orange County service area for years.

Because we are a full service mechanical contractor, and have a complete machine shop onsite at our Fountain Valley facility, we have the capability of performing any and all HVACR system repairs needed to keep our clients’ heating, ventilation, cooling, and refrigeration systems running at maximum efficiency.

We feature RSD, Marley, and BAC cooling towers, acknowledged industry leaders in innovative HVAC technology. Cooling towers are evaporative cooling systems used to dispose of heat from HVAC systems or industrial machinery, and have many commercial and industrial applications.

They are heat-rejection devices, which discharge warm air into the atmosphere through the cooling of water, and in the HVAC industry, the term “cooling tower” is used to describe both open and closed-circuit heat-rejection equipment.

Facilities such as large office buildings, hospitals, and schools typically use one or more cooling towers as part of their air conditioning systems, and in general, cooling towers used for industrial applications are much larger than HVAC towers.

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Maintenance and Repair for Cooling Towers

Proper periodic maintenance of cooling towers is vital to keep them functioning smoothly and to prolong their life spans as well as the longevity of the associated air conditioning systems or process equipment they service. Improperly maintained systems can develop serious issues such as the growth of bacteria, fungus, and algae within the system, posing serious health risks, and also the development of hard water scaling, silica scaling, and corrosion, which significantly reduce system efficiency and cause the system to degrade at a much faster than normal rate. At Bradley Mechanical in Fountain Valley, California we offer a highly effective water treatment service which will prevent the development of these disruptive problems in cooling towers. Call the professionals at Bradley Mechanical today, to schedule our affordable, preventative maintenance services.